Smart Home Devices for 2018

t5-lyric-security-tab-family-largeSmart home devices describe a system of the integrated network, controllable by the homeowner that work together to make your home secure and more comfortable. You can simply operate your home appliance with touch on an icon on your smartphone. Many companies provide a different type of functions like scheduling devices to trigger, mood lighting, child safety locks etc.

Smart home devices gain popularity in the early 2000s. As such, various technology began to emerge. Smart technologies suddenly became viable for the customer. Home safety devices and other gadgets began to appear on store shelves. Home automation solutions are rapidly evolving nowadays in terms of performance, ability, and adequacy.

Smart home devices that gain popularity in 2018

  • Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo knows for bringing smart functionality to the speaker world. It can also control smart home devices from your phone. And top of that Amazon’s voice AI, that bring Echo to life. Amazon Echo will provide built-in voice user interface to enable customers to access your connected devices from millions of Alexa-ended endpoints.

  • ADT Pulse

If you’re looking for monitoring and mature provider when it comes to smart home security, you’ve probably heard of ADT. ADT pulse comes with complete, full-featured 24/7 monitoring system.

  • Ecobee4

Ecobee4 first introduced in 2015. This device gain fame quickly because of its sleek design, countless new features, and ease of use. It engages with a remote sensor that helps reduce hot or cold spot in different rooms in your house. That means you can have a thermostat to do anything that Amazon Echo can, such as play music, shopping, control different devices and hear the weather forecast, all thanks to Alexa voice commands.

  • Netgear Arlo Pro 2

Netgear’s Arlo pro 2 is the outdoor security system. This device earned Editors’ Choice for its high-quality video recording, ease of use and many features that include motion and sound detection, long lasting batteries, and geofencing. The Arlo pro 2 gives you everything that you get with its ancestors, but this will offer a few upgrades including 1080p video and Alexa voice commands.



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